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Why Turfgrass?

Why Turfgrass?

Turfgrass is more than just an artificial grass solution. It’s high-quality European grass made from innovative materials. This results in: blades of grass that remain flexible, multi-tone colour combinations, a strong reduction in solar reflection, fibres that are colourfast and UV resistant.

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The benefits

The benefits

Whether you just want to enjoy your perfect lawn without the hassle of high maintenance, or whether your garden landscaping simply does not allow live grass… Turfgrass offers you the perfect solution: best alternative in places where live grass doesn’t grow; boundless landscaping possibilities: rooftops, terraces, balconies... even indoors; maximum enjoyment with minimal effort; perfect look and feel year-round.



Artificial grass is the ideal solution if you’re looking for a low maintenance garden.

No need to mow, trim, water or fertilise your lawn. Just sweep away the leaves with a broom or rinse your lawn with a hose.









A beautiful artificial lawn starts with a professional installation. Professional installers will make sure that seams are completely hidden, perimeters and edges are perfectly finished and water can easily seep through.
For the best results, we recommend a professional installation by one of the experienced installers of our trusted network.
Request a quote without any obligation. Contact us today and we will put you in touch with one of our installers. He will visit you and advise you on the most suitable product and installation type to fit your needs.



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Bloom. A new generation of artificial grass. 31/08/2018

Turfgrass is extremely proud to introduce BLOOM to the market, the first product produced with the revolutionary Lushtex technology. Thanks to this market leading and revolutionary new technology Bloom becomes the most realistic artificial grass on the market. 

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Green Expo 2018 19/07/2018

As a artificial grass supplier, Turfgrass will of course we present at Green Expo 2018. This trade fair for Green Professionals will take place in Flanders Expo in Ghent from 2 until 4 September. Be sure to visit us at our stand in hall 1, nr. 1767.

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Turfgrass football field 06/07/2018

Turfgrass is very proud to announce its latest project: The World Cup fan village Sotto’s in Zottegem, Belgium. Inside the fan village, you can find a real football pitch on which you can watch all the matches of the Belgian national team, the Red Devils, on a gigantic screen. It almost feels like you’re in Russia, watching the football game live!

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Rainbows in Grass 27/06/2018

The possibilities with Customgrass are nearly endless when it comes to designs. The Rainbow project that was realised in the garden of the Central Museum in Utrecht by Adcio carpets in- and outdoor is a wonderful example of the beautiful designs that can be made. The Rainbow carpet in Utrecht is one of the many installations of rainbow patterns in the Netherlands within the LGBT initiative.

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