Project - Torre Del Conde Playground


If we have to choose one reference Customgrass project, that would undoubtedly be the playground of Torre del Conde, located in San Sebastián de la Gomera, Spain. This popular play area of more than 500 m2 in size contains a multitude of children’s attractions and games tufted with Customgrass, including the Twister and Hopscotch. 

Product: Customgrass

Customgrass is a tufted product that uses a similar technology to that of the artificial grass, combining its great looks and high performance with the potential for personalization. Customgrass enables the combination of different colors to create vivid designs and detailed logos.

Certified for safety and made to last

It is an ideal product for both advertising and design, as well as for use in playgrounds. Our Turfgrass exclusive foam finish in 6 and 12 mm offers maximum comfort when tread upon. In addition, our 12-mm foam finish is HIC-certified, which ensures a safe environment indispensable to pavement installation in playgrounds. As a result, it has been installed under park attractions such as swings, slides and forts, forming different shapes in striking colors. All Customgrass designs are tufted with UV-resistant fibers to ensure that they do not wear out or fade over time.

Generating new application opportunities

As you may have noticed, Customgrass offers endless possibilities in advertising and brand communication. It is ideal for advertising on floors and walls, in children’s play areas, gyms, sports fields and more. “I think it’s also suitable for the doormats of hotel entrances, and it can work perfectly in the hotel children’s area,” says Cornelio Suarez, project installer.

Easy installation, low maintenance, amazing comfort

Corsua, the company contacted by Antinio Perera when he received the Parque de la Torre remodeling order from the San Sebastián de la Gomera city hall, was in charge of the installation for this project. “I discovered Turfgrass and the Customgrass product through Corsua. Since completing the first park in Lanzarote in 2015, I’ve seen Customgrass boom in popularity. I think it is better for playgrounds than rubber because it requires fewer staff hours and is much easier to install and maintain.” 

Cornelio Suarez, manager of Corsua, agrees with Antonio Perea as far as installation is concerned, “It was relatively easy to install because we already have experience in working with Customgrass. We completed the park’s installation in 3 days because there was a storm on the island. In good weather conditions, we would have installed it in 2 days.” In addition, Cornelio finds the Customgrass finish another of its key strengths. “The foam finish results in fantastic comfort. Compared to other playgrounds, the Customgrass-equipped one is much more pleasant to walk upon.” They both agree that the feedback from the Torre del Conde playground is very positive. “The park is very popular, and it looks spectacular,” says Cornelio. The two claim to have additional Customgrass projects underway.

  • Project: Torre del Conde Playground
  • Product: Customgrass FOAM 6 mm - 500 m²
  • Place: San Sebastián de la Gomera, Islas Canarias, Spain
  • Client: San Sebastián de la Gomera city hall
  • Installer: Corsua