Rainbows in Grass

Project - Rainbows in grass

The possibilities with Customgrass are nearly endless when it comes to designs. The Rainbow project that was realized in the garden of the Central Museum in Utrecht by Adcio carpets in- and outdoor is a wonderful example of the beautiful designs that can be made. The Rainbow carpet in Utrecht is one of the many installations of rainbow patterns in the Netherlands within the LGBT initiative.

Product: Customgrass

Customgrass is a tufted product that uses a similar technology to that of the artificial grass, combining its great looks and high performance with the potential for personalization. Customgrass enables the combination of different colors to create vivid designs and detailed logos.

High-quality artificial grass tailored to fit your needs

The custom-made grass, produced by Turfgrass, offers infinite advertising and brand communication possibilities. On top of that, all Customgrass designs are tufted with UV-resistant fibers to ensure that they do not wear out or fade over time. These characteristics made Customgrass the ideal solution for the creation of a Rainbow carpet in light of the LGBT initiative. This initiative uses Rainbow carpets as a visual aspect to attract attention to diversity and acceptance of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender people. The municipality of Utrecht ordered its installation at the Central Museum of Utrecht because of the Midzomergracht Festival. We could not be prouder to attach our name to an initiative like this.

Multipurpose creative designs

Apart from branded messages and advertising on floors or walls, both indoor and outdoor, there are a lot of other ways in which Customgrass can be a real bonus. 

Firstly, Customgrass is often used for its decorative purposes at trade fairs. You can create attractive designs to ensure that customers will visit your booth. 

Recently, Customgrass has also become a preferred surface for children’s playgrounds. The most sturdy version of Customgrass is finished with a unique foam layer, which maximizes walking comfort and creates a soft layer for children when they fall. The foam finish can either be 6 mm or 12 mm thick, depending on the specific needs. The 12 mm HIC certified foam finish ensures that your grass complies with all safety regulations. 

Another popular application for Customgrass can be found in sports. Customgrass can decorate all kinds of sport fields. 

Customgrass is available in a variety of 16 colours, so you are never out of options. You can combine up to 6 colours in the same design. 

As producer of Customgrass, Turfgrass is the only European artificial grass manufacturer capable of continuously tufting logos and designs at 4 meters width, without cuts. Customgrass designs can measure up to 4 x 40 meters in a single piece. This is a very big advantage for customers who want to see their designs in one piece.

Good communication and a prompt delivery make a happy customer

Adcio carpets in- and outdoor, the company that installed the Rainbow carpet in Utrecht, mentions that the communication with Turfgrass, the producer of Customgrass, went so smooth and the delivery was so punctual, that the customer couldn’t be happier. “This makes our job very easy”, he says. “Next to that, the price is very reasonable”. The reactions to the Rainbow carpet are also very positive, as people are amazed by the lively and fresh colors in the rainbow. This was, ultimately the goal of the project: make people stop and pay a little more attention to diversity. 

  • Project: Rainbow Customgrass design at Centraal Museum Utrecht 
  • Product: Customgrass PU Backing - Rainbow design 
  • Place: Utrecht, the Netherlands 
  • Client: Municipality Utrecht 
  • Installer: Adcio carpets in- and outdoor