Bloom. A new generation of artificial grass.


Lushtex: multi-level pile heights

Lushtex Bloom has been manufactured with 4 different pile heights to the blades: 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm and 45 mm. This market leading and revolutionary new technology makes Bloom the most realistic artificial grass on the market.

What is Lushtex?

Lushtex stands for the most genuine, natural sensation of artificial grass. Using a series of innovative technologies Lushtex is able to replicate the realistic look and genuine feeling of real grass. Techniques like random cutting patterns, different pile heights and colour shades, contribute to a very realistic and natural look while conserving all advantages of artificial grass. With Lushtex we want to become a reference in the landscaping sector.

Different colours

Our main goal when designing Bloom was to come up with the most realistic looking product possible. Using 8 different coloured yarns within the grass, we think we have produced something very special.

Suitable for all applications

Lushtex Bloom is created with a focus on landscaping projects, but can also be used for smaller applications like terraces, pool environments, balconies and many more. It enables you to create more natural looking creations that will exceed your client’s expectations.