Transforming indoor spaces

Bringing the outside in was never as easy. Since Turfgrass can be placed on nearly any surface, you can let your imagination run wild. Turning your leisure room into pure eye candy? Giving your employees a relaxing country feel? Or wowing visitors during an event? You name it, we make it happen.  

Cat on grass indoor

A unique interior

Delightful and inviting eccentricity. Whether you own a retail store, indoor play area, restaurant, pet kennel, gym, office space or any other business, you’ll make a first impression that sticks by using artificial grass. And even if you were just thinking about adding some green to your own home interior, that’s a perfect match as well.  


Safe for children and pets

Our artificial grass was designed with children and pets in mind. It contains no harmful chemicals and is 100% safe for young children and pets. Moreover, Turfgrass is highly resistant to wear and tear, while it doesn’t attract mites, ticks or other insects, unlike natural grass. What else? It’s as soft as a pillow, hygienic … The list goes on.  

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Amazonia Lizard

No fire hazard

Fire safety should be high on the agenda in any building or refurbishment project. That’s why our Xtinguish artificial grass, for example, was designed specifically for indoor use and is flame retardant. It meets all the European regulations for flame-retardant floor coverings (Bfl-s1). Our goal: for you to sleep tight at night.  

Artificial grass by Turfgrass

Easy to clean

Artificial grass is rightfully known for its low maintenance needs. A bit of vacuuming now and then normally does the trick. And what about more persistent stains? Those are easily removed as well, from liquid spills to crayon, ink or lipstick stains. A damp sponge and a bit of water is usually enough to get rid of spills.  

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Easy installation

Best-selling landscape turf for indoor use

turfgrass galatea product view

Softness and density in balance - 30 mm


Indoor realizations with Turfgrass

Browse through our project library and see how creative you can get with artificial grass.   

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Springtime mint

No time like the present

Contact a certified Turfgrass expert for a personal quote based on your needs, landscape turf preferences, project dimensions and budget.