Transforming playgrounds and schools

A playground with artificial grass is the go-to solution if you want to give kids a fun, safe and healthy place to play. In pristine condition all year long, the little ones will love the soft surface for their big adventures, while older kids will look forward to chilling or playing ball games at your school’s new hotspot. Ready, set, go! 

Kids on grass with swimming pool

Kids having fun … lots of it

Playgrounds at schools or in public spaces make for good memories and a lot of laughter. This is particularly true if the area has vivid colors and patterns. Well, Turfgrass allows you to choose your own design and incorporate interactive elements such as numbers, letter paths and game prints. In other words, let your creative juices flow. The kids will pay you back with cheerful smiles.

Kids playing on customgrass

Safe for little adventurers as well as future football stars

Children love to play outside. For those little ones running off their energy, and older ones with their dreams of becoming the next football superstar, Turfgrass designs and produces landscape turf that is as safe as natural grass. The fibers are easy on the kids’ sensitive skin, while the density and softness offer a slight cushioning effect. That said, artificial grass is extremely tough and durable, making it perfect for intense play. 

Duck in customgrass for school

Turfgrass, a picture of health

Our landscape turf contains no harmful substances and you don’t need fertilizers or pesticides to keep it lush. So, there’s no harm when kids roll around or try to eat the grass – don’t think they won’t. What else? With Turfgrass, you’ll have less flying pollen to cause allergic reactions and you won’t attract mites, ticks or other insects. Last but not least, our green is easy to clean. 

Crossroads in customgrass

For year-round intensive use

You probably know the sight of a worn-down playground all too well. Come autumn, there is hardly a blade of grass left standing. Or maybe you’re sick of watching kids fall on tiles or concrete surfaces, but wonder what other options you have. The answer: landscape turf. It looks great and stays stable all year long, no matter how many little hands and feet pull or trample the grass. 

Kids on schoolground in customgrass

Best-selling landscape turf for playgrounds and school areas

Euphoria Product

Energizing and refreshing - 40mm

turfgrass galatea product view

Softness and density in balance - 30 mm

Styx Product

Dense and bushy like a real lawn


Turfgrass playgrounds

Chances are that your mind is already filled with plenty of cool ideas for your own playground. Room for some more? Check out these landscape turf playgrounds.

Kids on customgrass

If it were up to the kids, they’d know

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