Transforming lawns and gardens

There are a zillion reasons to pick artificial grass for your lawn or garden. Maybe you have a rocky soil or your garden is fully shaded. Maybe you don’t have a green thumb or enough time for gardening. Maybe you’re sick of muddy paws in your house. Or maybe you’re just into luxurious, evergreen gardens without the need for watering. Whichever reason, Turfgrass to the rescue. 

Garden bij the water in turfgrass

The grass is always greener on your side

With over 50 shades of green, you’ll definitely find a perfect match in our offering. The good news: once you’ve picked your favorite landscape turf, you’ll enjoy its colors all year round. Come winter, come summer. Thanks to Turfgrass’ high UV resistance and color fastness, you’ll always outgreen your neighbors. From now on, you can add that to your small pleasures in life. 

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Mona

A well-kept garden without the hassle

If evergreen grass doesn’t make your neighbors green with envy, all your extra spare time will. With Turfgrass, you never have to mow, trim, fertilize or water the grass – ever again.  A bit of light maintenance from time to time will do the trick just fine. So sit back, pour yourself a drink, and raise a toast to the end of your gardening duties. 

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Pine Valley Green

For all preferences

Do you have a big dog with energy to spare? Do you have kids with sensitive skin or teenagers who love to play football or other ball games? Do you like to host pool or summer parties for friends? Or just looking for a decorative lawn or garden that spells lushness? There’s landscape turf to meet all your needs and preferences. Your local dealer can help you to make the right choices.  

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Amazonia Lizard

A smart long-term investment

At first glance, a lawn or garden with artificial grass may seem like a big investment. But you’ll save money in several ways. For one thing, you don’t need to buy lawn equipment, such as mowers, weed whackers, fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, our premium landscape turf lasts up to 10 years. That durability equals peace of mind: no need to reseed or pattern your lawn or garden. 

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Best-selling landscape turf for lawns and gardens

divino 45 product

Soft, resilient and luxurious - 45mm

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Softness and density in balance - 30 mm


Lawns and gardens with Turfgrass

From child-friendly suburban lawns to decorative country gardens, discover why the people behind these projects chose Turfgrass. 

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