Transforming urban spaces

Artificial grass is increasingly used in urban spaces: from roadsides and roundabouts, all the way to residential development areas and public parks. The reasons are obvious. Landscape turf provides a low-maintenance solution, stays green all year round and has a limited environmental footprint. Get ready to wow residents and visitors.  

Crossroads in customgrass

Cheaper and easier to maintain

Keeping public areas with natural grass continuously in top condition requires the work of a full maintenance team. They regularly need to water, mow and treat your grass, which causes noise pollution and disturbs traffic. With landscape turf, you put an end to all your maintenance worries. Moreover, it can be used in areas where real grass just won’t grow. Dark, damp, sheltered areas will no longer be eyesores but eyecatchers. 

Landscaping Park Turfgrass

Made to resist heavy pedestrian traffic

Natural grass in urban spaces is hard to maintain, especially in places where a continuous stream of people passes by. That’s where Turfgrass really comes into its own. Its long-lasting nature, backed up with warranties, means that it will look like a stunning stretch of green all year round, regardless of pedestrian traffic. In addition, thanks to technological advances, our landscape turf looks and feels just like natural grass. 

Landscaping urban roundabout grass

For cleaner, more inviting public spaces

Green is a feel-good factor in our living environment. Simply put, balancing nature with urban infrastructure increases our perception of quality of life. So, why not amaze citizens and tourists with well-kept, evergreen public spaces throughout the year? They’ll want to come back for more, while you can invest your time and resources – freed up by lower maintenance needs – in additional people magnets. 

Landscaping urban Grass with sculpture

In line with your sustainability ambitions

That’s right: landscape turf from Turfgrass has a limited environmental footprint. It’s made in accordance with renowned international standards (e.g. ISO 14001), requires no impactful interventions once it’s installed (e.g. mowing or watering), and is highly recyclable after it has served its purpose. The times when artificial and sustainable were mutually exclusive are long gone. 

Landscaping Urban Turfgrass

Top-selling landscape turf for urban spaces

Euphoria Product

Energizing and refreshing - 40mm

turfgrass galatea product view

Softness and density in balance - 30 mm

Styx Product

Dense and bushy like a real lawn


Urban realizations with Turfgrass

Spoiler alert: after seeing how you can transform urban spaces with premium landscape turf, there’s no way of unseeing it. 

Landscaping street grass

No time like the present

Contact a certified Turfgrass expert for a personal quote based on your needs, landscape turf preferences, project dimensions and budget.