Vv yarn: shaping the future of landscape turf

Artificial grass comes in all shapes and sizes. Although sometimes overlooked, the shape of the blades has a major impact on not only the appearance but also the lifetime of your turf. In order to differentiate our blades from the standard shapes available on the market in terms of look, feel and resilience, we have developed a brand new Vv yarn for our landscape turf range.


Shape matters

Whether it’s pile height or thatch colour ... there are always plenty of factors to consider when looking for the best artificial grass product for your installation. But probably one of the most important ones of all is blade shape, since it’s the form of the blades themselves that determines the look, feel, and resilience of your artificial grass lawn.

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Smart Tiny

Optimising the landscape turf experience

Today’s artificial grass market is dominated by a number of symmetrical shapes, including the standard C, V and S shapes. “To take our landscape turf to the next level, we have developed Vv yarn, a new, innovative blade shape for all kinds of landscape applications, such as (rooftop) gardens, terraces, balconies, etc.”, explains R&D Manager Nuria Villena Lerin. “What really sets Vv yarn apart from the other shapes is the fact that it’s asymmetrical, hence the name Vv.”

Yarn shapes

Optimising the landscape turf experience

Thanks to the unique shape of the blades, we have succeeded in optimising the haptics, or look and feel, of our landscape turf products featuring Vv yarn in a number of different ways, whereby:


  • The torsion in the asymmetric design creates a helical effect. This causes pile tuft direction to be more random, which in turn reduces the reflection of sunlight so that the grass appears fuller and more realistic to the eye.
  • Thanks to the blades’ rounded edges, the grass feels naturally soft underfoot when you walk or play on it.
  • The special Vv-shaped blades are highly resilient: they will recover easily after heavy use.
Tufting machine yarn

A Turfgrass exclusive shape

Our new Vv shape is patented. This sets us apart from both existing shapes and from other artificial grass brands. By marketing Vv yarn as an exclusive Turfgrass shape, the professional installation community will be able to easily identify our Turfgrass products created with Vv yarn.


Want to experience Vv yarn for yourself?

Since February 2022, we’ve been introducing our new Vv-shaped yarn in several of our products:


  • Hillside (exclusive)
  • Neila (exclusive)
  • Paradise (in combination with other yarns)
  • Wildflower (in combination with other yarns)


Get in touch with a certified Turfgrass installer near you for more information.

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