Artificial grass brings peace of mind in the Portuguese 'moradia'

Pure enjoyment, no hassle. That’s what the Jesus family, currently working and living in Switzerland, wanted when spending their holidays in their native Portugal. Their newly-acquired ‘moradia’ – Portuguese for villa – in the quiet village of Pataias was to be a relaxing country residence. With plenty of outdoor space, they wanted a beautiful, cost-efficient and low-maintenance lawn. Cue Pedro Coelho from gardening service Jardinagem Coelho who made a case for artificial grass as a proud Turfgrass installer.


Project summary

Client: Patricia Jesus & Cristiano Jesus 
Location: Pataias (Portugal)
Product: Praderia 40 
Installer: Pedro Coelho, Jardinagem Coelho
Favourite benefit: an attractive, cost-efficient and low-maintenance lawn


Artificial grass brings peace of mind in the Portuguese 'moradia'

“The Jesus family had been following my projects on social media for a while. They contacted me after they bought a country house in Pataias, because they had no idea for the lawn of their ‘moradia’,” Pedro says. “They almost gave me carte blanche, setting only one important condition: peace of mind in every sense of the word.

“After a creative brainstorm about the concept, I came to the conclusion that the project should be based on artificial grass. I shared my vision about the perks of Turfgrass and how it brings peace of mind by saving time, money and water. My 3D plans made my ideas more tangible. They loved the concept and after finetuning some details, I was able to kick off the project.”


Three main perks of Turfgrass, according to installer Pedro:

  1. Solidity: the solid, but lightweight backing is made of polyurethane. It makes it easy to install in a clean way and also works well for indoor applications.
  2. Colourfast: contrary to other products on the market, Turfgrass artificial grass keeps its colour for a very long time.  
  3. The strong fibres withstand intense foot traffic, heavy rain, … very well. As a result, artificial grass is a very resilient and durable product.


A relationship based on trust

“Despite them living in Switzerland and me working on their project in Portugal, our relationship worked out very well because of the deep trust the  family had put in me. I kept them up to date with pictures and movies about the progress of their wonderful 200 m2 garden in the making. On February 14th,, they came to Portugal to stay for a while. They sent me a message telling me it was love at first sight.”


Hot and dry southern climate

In Portugal and other southern European countries, several factors prompt people to opt for artificial grass. Because of extreme drought periods, natural gardens end up being labour intensive, while also requiring a lot of water. In times of climate change, it’s difficult to keep a lawn green and healthy:


"90% of Portugal was in severe or extreme drought on 15 February 2022, according to the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA)." – The Portugal News


Pedro: “Natural grass requires weekly mowing, watering and fertilizing, while artificial grass needs maintenance only once, exactly before winter starts. That’s a true time and money saver for the Jesus family and for my other customers who choose an artificial lawn!”


“With Turfgrass, the family gets peace of mind when relaxing at the ‘moradia’, but also when leaving for Switzerland.”– Pedro Coelho


How it all started for Pedro with Turfgrass

“One year ago, I came into contact with Tiago Paixao, sales representative at Turfgrass Portugal,” Pedro recalls. “I immediately felt that his approach was quality driven and based on expertise. I consider him a trusted advisor.”

“I remember my first customer, who is still over the moon with our work with Turfgrass. Since then, complaints about artificial grass projects have been a thing of the past. I have no quality issues anymore involving colourfastness, solidity of the backing and the fibres, etc. Nowadays, more than 99% of my projects are based on artificial grass.”

“The customer’s satisfaction is what drives me every single day. The big advantage for me as well? One happy customer then spreads the Turfgrass message to several contacts. On to the next satisfied customer!” Pedro concludes.