Artificial grass for padel courts: how to ace it with Turfgrass

During the global pandemic, padel has become even more popular than ever. Everyone and their uncle seems to be playing this fast-paced racket sport. Traditionally, artificial grass and padel have always been interlinked, but why should you specifically choose Turfgrass to create the best court for your favourite game?


Why should you choose Turfgrass for your padel court?

1. UV resistance and colour fastness

Natural grass suffers under extreme weather conditions. For example, it tends to lose its colour under the relentless summer sun. Luckily, this won’t happen to your artificial grass padel court, as Turfgrass is fully UV resistant; it’ll look as good as new, summer after summer.

2. Stable and comfortable surface

Compared to other surfaces commonly used for padel, like cement and concrete, artificial grass is much softer. This offers considerable advantages for players, as they are less likely to injure themselves or experience ankle, back or knee pain.

3. Natural and predictable ball movement

Padel balls can bounce quite high and far on concrete and cement surfaces. Artificial grass offers more friction, slowing the ball down and leading to a better playing experience. Turfgrass’ surface uniformity ensures that the ball doesn’t make any “unfair” or  unpredictable moves as well.

4. Low maintenance

Artificial grass fields are extremely easy to maintain. As a result, padel clubs can host several subsequent games with minimal pauses in between them, as the resilient blades remain unruffled after multiple intensive periods of use.

5. Certified by federations

Turfgrass offers products that are certified by the Spanish Padel Federation as well as the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as an approved tournament surface. It responds to all necessary quality requirements, as it is anti-slip and ensures optimal performance when it comes to ball speed and rebound.

6. Installer network

We maintain a European network of certified installers that are perfectly qualified to set up the most pristine, high-performing padel court possible.

7. Inside and outside

Turfgrass can be used both inside and outside. If you own a padel club that includes a combination of indoor and outdoor courts, it’s perfectly possible to use a single type of grass for all of them. By sticking with one supplier, you ensure a consistent customer experience.

8. Customisable

We all love the colour of natural grass, but if you want your padel court to truly stand out, why not choose something eye-catching? Terracotta, fuchsia blue, black, … You name it, we offer artificial grass in that colour!

9. Made in Europe

We strongly recommend choosing European-made artificial grass, as it adheres to the world’s most stringent quality standards. Artificial grass produced in Europe has ecological benefits as well, as importing grass leads to extra CO2 emissions.

10. Supported locally

Local Turfgrass experts are always available whenever you need help, before, during or after your padel court has been installed.