Transforming pool areas

Artificial grass is one of the most popular surfaces for swimming pool areas. No wonder: it keeps you and your guests safe, your pool water clean and your lawn looking gorgeous all the time. Moreover, you’ll save money by drastically cutting back on maintenance costs, while adding extra value to your property at the same time. What’s not to like? 

Pool with grass

Because safety always comes first

Cannonballs, running kids or pool parties? Artificial grass can take it all and ensures a non-slippery pool area, free of puddles and mud. And if someone does trip, they will land on a soft surface, cushioning the fall. In short, if you want people to enjoy your swimming pool without the worry, installing landscape turf around it is your safest bet – literally. 

Artificial grass by Turfgrass for swimming pools

Stunning looks

Landscape turf will help your pool area to perfectly blend into the surroundings of your property, as it is far more natural-looking than paving, for example, which can sometimes look – and feel – a little harsh. Moreover, Turfgrass products are color-fast and resistant to chlorine and UV, keeping your pool area in pristine condition 100% of the time.   

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Carpet

Keep a cleaner pool

The first thing most people do when exiting a swimming pool: run for the grass. This way, they don’t have to spend time barefoot on a hot concrete or stone deck. Unfortunately, this is also how grass clippings, soil and other debris end up in your pool. Unless you’ve installed landscape turf of course. Then, all you have to think about is how to make your next sun-drenched pool event even more fun.  


Quick and easy to install

A lot of swimming pool areas have small corners, irregular shapes and shady spots. These don’t make it easy to grow and maintain a lush natural-grass lawn. Well, landscape turf doesn’t mind complex spaces. Whether your hotel has an octagonal swimming pool with small stretches on the sides or your palm trees make mowing a real hassle, Turfgrass is the way to go. Easily installed and without a worry afterwards. 

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Divino

Best-selling landscape turf for pool areas

Hillside Product

High pile, dense grass for moments of joy - 40mm

Euphoria Product

Energizing and refreshing - 40mm


Pool areas with Turfgrass

Ready for some picture-perfect pool areas? Dive into these projects to see how landscape turf could wow your guests as well.

Artificial grass by Turfgrass - Bamboo

Upgrade your pool area

Contact a certified Turfgrass expert for a personal quote based on your needs, landscape turf preferences, project dimensions and budget.